The name was sold off to a company that went bankrupt. Fern One more reason I will prize the old Pyrex baking dishes handed down from my grandmother. Brian Too This seems like a very plausible failure mode for a dish. Just imagine accidentally burning a casserole. Lots of people would take the dish out of the oven and put it in the sink, either with or without water in the basin. Now factor in the consumer education angle. There are decades of experience with cooks around the world, using Pyrex.

Pilgrims Proving Themselves

Grimsby, Ontario, Ships to: There are no significant scratches, rubs; No hazing, nor stains – perhaps a bit of baking residue present in the outer edge, mold-seam glass-overflow – gently used. There are three very small chips and some tiny flea-bites along the upper inner angular edge. There is also a small stress mark, or two opposing scratches, or a very slight crack at the very outer edge – there is no separation of glass, or sign of glass disturbance – so perhaps are opposing scratches from handling.

Reverse-embossed on the bottom button:

Sponsored by World ® is a registered trademark of Corning Incorporated. © Corning Museum of Glass.

Zodiac about the pattern reference This main purpose of this picture guide is for quick Vintage Pyrex pattern identification. We will replace older pictures and patterns as better ones are obtained. For further clarifications check for Pyrex on Ebay. You can now view various subsets of the listed pyrex patterns. There are links with bullet points near the top of the page to facilitate this. We will be adding more of this functionality as time permits.

You can click through into the sub-pages of each pattern for more information IF a sub-page exists for it. In order to save space, we may not list every single pattern variation for different item types on these pages. We’ll try to list multiple pictures of a particular pattern only if they are considerably different on items i. A pattern marked as “Unknown” may be completely unknown. Sometimes pieces are known to be “Promotional” but do not have any official name, so we or others have given it a name.

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Set off the fireworks and call your friends! My husband has a customer who cleans out homes of, well, the dead and owns an antique shop. He knows that we collect Pyrex and Moxie things so is always keeping an eye out for something we might like.

What a wonderful way to display your vintage Pyrex mixing bowls or any other bowls. Great way to display at your home, office, store, pop up shop, flea market, craft fair or during vintage sales. Dating Pyrex More Temukan Pin ini dan lainnya di Pyrex oleh Linda Poulson. Lihat lainnya. The Pyrex .

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Best 25+ Pyrex vintage patterns ideas on Pinterest

Anybody know the name of this pattern and approximately when CW produced it? If so, please email me and both Priscilla and I will be very grateful! Mike in Australia sent me this picture of his coffee pot.

“Food Bottles & Canning Jars” page Organization & Structure This Food Bottles & Canning Jars page is divided into the following categories and sub-categories based largely on the different contents that each group held, and within those groups, by various dominant shapes.

Saturday, February 6, Fiestaware Identifying Marks Any lover of the thrift knows to scoop up Fiestaware if found on the cheap. The rare find being an exciting score for it’s vibrant colors, distinguishable style, and if you know how to spot vintage, its lucrative possibilities. New or old Fiestaware is a welcome and uncommon thrift store find, it just so happens the latter won’t bode well for resale.

As it typically stands I’m one to find out how to recognize a valuable piece post sale and a not so valuable piece post purchase. And so it goes with the recent score of Fiestaware mugs and saucers. They sure are pretty but a SwagBucks search later and I discover I could head right over to Macy’s to complete a nice little breakfast set. Take a look at this logo, it’s an ink printed logo and the letters are all capitals.

According to the blog Discount Fiestaware this is a tell tale sign that my Fiestaware is not that rare bird created before

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Or maybe you want to make a more sustainable kitchenware choice? Consider starting a vintage kitchenware collection. Not everything new is better. In fact, many old things are downright fantastic and that goes for vintage kitchenware collectibles. Not sure you can tell the difference between Milk Glass and Jadeite?

Vintage Pyrex Items Pyrex and Miscellaneous Additions Page 1 NEW NEW NEW Model P Model P. PYREX Replacement handle & band for , Coffee Percolators $5 ea. 4 to sell NEW Corning Ware Replacement handle for Corning Ware percolators that were.

The following are standard types of glass, defined by the formula, method and genre. Most glass items are pressed into a mold and are called pressed glass. This involves pouring the molten glass into a mold which forms the shape and outsider design. Most pressed glass has a seam, which is a thin line along an edge. The mold can produce various designs, patterns and even a pattern mimicking hand cut glass. Cut glass is is glass that has the outer design cut by hand or by machine.

This is considered fancy and more expensive glass.

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I used a picture of a box sold on Trade Me in order to remake the graphics. I recall well how they were heavily advertised on television in the late s and early s — it was on relentless rotation! However it may have been forgotten that Surprise were around long before that; as far back as the s in New Zealand with pea and bean products — both dried and frozen.

In order to sell vintage items on Etsy, the item must be over 20 years old (as of , before ). If the item you are listing is something you have owned for over 20 years, then it is perhaps the object is a pottery or ceramic that is signed by the artist and has a date on it, like this panda mug by artist Win Ng made in (for Taylor & Ng).

Pyrex glass ovenware Pyrex glass ovenware has been essential kitchen equipment since the early twentieth century. It was first marketed in the UK just after the First World War and became a hit with many households. Top London stores Harrods and Selfridges proudly advertised Pyrex cookware. These designs had a timeless elegance that make them just as good today as they were in the 50s and 60s.

Corning developed it from glass used to make lamp bowls for the US railroad. The railroad needed the lamp bowls to be hard wearing and stand extremes of temperature. The formula was also ideal for glass cookware. Corning used the trade mark ‘Pyrex’ to sell this new glassware to the domestic market. Pyrex bowls could withstand oven temperatures without cracking and made better use of heat, reducing cooking times and making sure of even cooking.

M Cubed: Vintage Pyrex Ads

I’m pretty fussy these days on what I buy from Opportunity Shops, Charity Shops or Thrift Shops, whatever the name, depending in which part of the world you live. I’ve had quite the clean out which is still on going, keeping only the items I really love and or use. It’s one of the larger Pyrex percolators making nine cups of coffee which also came with the instructions.

I just had to road test it. I did find it a bit fiddly to use compared to our modern coffee contraptions; back in the day it would have been considered a very modern way to brew coffee.

Vintage Silverplate bookmark, Art Nouveau, intricate fleur-de-lis design,dating from the late ‘s, early’ book mark is over years old!Surface wear, see photos. 4″L. Rare!A unique gift for book lovers and thosewho love France.

January 22, at Specifically looking for Maryland Glass artifacts for our museum room. I also have interviewed about a dozen Ex-Maryland Glass Corp employees. I have concluded that once puzzling bottle marks from Maryland Glass can now be deciphered, we know for a fact that Bromo Seltzer bottles from OB Co and AB Co bottles can be definitely be dated precisely to and , but not made by Maryland Glass Corp.

The to blown Bromo Seltzer bottles can be precisely identified as Maryland Glass, because of numbers on the bottom. These identifiable markings, numbers, are to tell what mould needed to be replaced when the embossings become faint, as there were many other companies also making Bromo Seltzer Bottles in this same period.

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