This review page is supported in part by the sponsor whose ad is displayed above Reviewer: Even prior to stereo actually. I say building speakers but actually, we mounted a driver into a box and called it HiFi – mono HiFi at that. And we had our roundtables consisting of neighbor kids oohing and aahing over the “great sound” at least a sound better than their table radios. As time passed and stereo arrived, it became necessary to build two boxes and buy two drivers, one for each box. Next came picking amplifiers. My first amplifiers were push-pull tube types and then came the Heathkits. This scenario went on until I joined the Navy doing a 4 year hitch after which I went to college and returned with a degree in medical technology. After college, Dave went to work for Dr.

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I had the pleasure of meeting him the first time about five years ago when I toured the Focal factory, with my friend John Bevier. After business hours, he was. Every time I saw him at a hifi show, no matter how busy, he always took the time to come over my way and give me a big hug. Even though I am a relative newcomer to this industry, he always inquired to how I was doing. September 18, Cleaning the closets a bit today, I ran across the first issue of The Absolute Sound.

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Where to find Cardas products. In the US, Cardas cables, parts and accesories are available through our network of dealers. Outside of the US, please contact your country’s Cardas distributor for assistance in finding a local dealer.

Like a ski jumper. Sound floats in space, waves of music washing over me. Detail yes, but it wasn’t not spot-lit or clinical. In essence, one monoblock chassis comprises dual single-ended-triode amplifiers, each handling one half of the audio waveform. The whole shebang is balanced from input to output. For almost 30 years, Ralph Karsten and company have been building reliable output-transformerless tube amplifiers based on his patented Circlotronic circuit.

But this is not a case of new wine in old bottles. So how has he done it? How has Karsten taken a cool idea — coupling speakers directly to output tubes — and brought it to life with an innovative implementation and managed to delight lovers of music and finicky audio reviewers across many years? How has he pulled it off? Turns out, he is a good pupil. Ralph put it to me like this: At just about any given time after making an improvement, people have asked me ‘What will you do next to improve the circuit?

Instead, I regard myself as a student of the circuit, and it is teaching me all the time.

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July, New Force or, rather, NuForce The name says it all. NuForce is a branch spin-off? I won’t bore you with details you can retrieve directly from the NuForce site. That should say something. NuForce amplifiers have received many other awards and rave reviews worldwide.

Cardas Copper Hook-up Cable (Bulk): 1 lõi (nhiều sợi) x AWG, Đồng tinh khiết Lizt, Golden Ratio, Constant Q, được bọc Teflon®. Có 2 màu đỏ và xám. Có 2 màu đỏ và xám.

These amplifiers employ the recently developed KT output tubes. In addition to utilizing the KT output tubes, the ART and ART feature new input and inverter stages using s for voltage gain, main power supply reservoirs boasting a more than ten-fold increase in total capacitance compared to our earlier ART mono-blocks and ARTSA amplifiers, and a new regulator circuit for the input stage power supply.

The output tubes are showcased behind a clear window spanning the full width of the protective tube cage, while the input tubes are enshrouded in a clear protective block. As with earlier anniversary products, production will be limited to units of the ART and pairs of the ART Channel Islands PEQ 1 mk. The soundstage is massive, and the dynamics convincing, with a great deal of fine detail. The musical presentation here is hardly budget.

After a long listening session, accompanying audiophile pals are all left stunned. Handpicking some very special op amps and meticulous attention to board layout is what gets the job done here.

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This preamp has been in my system since and I have had no desire to replace it because is sounds good. It employs 2 ecc82 tubes -the design is simple and I have not reached the bottleneck of the pre amp so far because everything I have improved before it has been heard in the speakers. Since then I have been in touch with Andrew a bit and the last thing I bought from him after his recommendation was the River interconnect whom I can highly recommend as very good natural cables for a very reasonable price.

Few weeks ago Andrew asked me if I was interested in reviewing a new phonostages and a step up transformer that he was working on. Of cause I was interested and hopefully I will receive a sample unit in few days. But before all that happens I want to talk a little bit about my system and what I like it to do.

Interconnects typically connect source components, such as a CD player, to your preamplifier, and your preamp to your amplifier. They are also used for connecting a subwoofer to a pre amp or a surround sound processor or AV receiver for home theater.

And when Michael Jackson takes us through a time warp with minimal accompaniment, courtesy of The Stripped Mixes, he truly feels right in the listening room about five feet in front of the couch. The realism is staggering. In the world of high-end audio, where Internet-forum pundits loudly proclaim that expensive gear is not worth the money and that its curve of performance versus diminishing returns is incredibly steep, I must strongly disagree in favor of the Xs s.

That just about makes up for the power that these massive monos consume. The Xs s have six banks of output devices per channel and Pass has increased the bias current by a factor of 10 compared to the XA amplifiers. Way too anxious to just let one stack sit there while taking the photos for this review, we connect one of them to the GamuT S9s. The Xs s are love at first listen. As is the standard procedure with massive class-A power amplifiers if they are going to be on all night, no heat is needed in the studio.

When we swap out a few of the other amplifiers we have on hand for the Xs s even the awesome XA These amplifiers offer the magic of incredibly high resolution, without throwing delicate tonality out the window.


These devices attach to sound units in your car or home radio, making them produce deeper, richer notes and tones. You can find McIntosh car amplifiers in sleek, compressed squares, letting them fit easily into your car’s dashboard. These devices come with connecting cables in a universal fit, letting you operate them with your standard radio. These amplifiers generate over watts of power for listening to songs at comfortable volumes, and produce over watts when you really want to crank it.

They feature minimalist engineering designs, making them less maintenance-intensive than many amplifiers.

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The Model left is designed to bolt directly to a workbench, but for the weekend DIYer, there’s also the Model right which features a suction base. If you use the , a good way to secure it to the table top is to dampen the base with a sponge and water before activating the suction clamp. Otherwise, I’ve found that the suction seal can break unexpectedly. The vise section of both units features a protective plastic cover on the clamps which prevents the wire from being damaged while being held in place.

Another invaluable aid is the “helping hand” or “third hand” tool, shown above right. It’s a set of articulated arms, with or without a magnifying glass, mounted on a weighted base and terminated with a set of alligator clips. Next, a good soldering iron with a separate power supply, an adjustable thermostat, and interchangeable tips is an essential luxury. Once you’ve used one, you’ll never want to go back to a single wand, single temperature iron. I personally like the Hakko ESD, which is safe for working on electrostatic sensitive devices, too.

Weller makes a nice range of irons, as well. Finally, a continuity tester with an audible tone, is something you’ll need to check that you’re soldering the wires correctly from one plug to the other.

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Needs serious power and room to breathe. Generally with panels, bigger is better. It also packs a front-firing, inch woofer that operates from 60 Hz to an adjustable Hz, as well as a rear-firing, inch driver that goes from 60 Hz down to 23 Hz. I already was a fan of Andy Payor. The Lyra is, in my humble opinion, his best effort to date. If the drivers were already among the best, the cast-aluminum cabinet sets new standards in speaker design.

Element Acoustics is dedicated to the highest quality reproduction of music and the people seeking it. Our goal is to provide the best products available, at the best value, and to offer a level of customer service that is second to none. Every product we offer is carefully auditioned, and ensured that it reflects our standards for quality, performance, and value.

Crap somewhere else, we have heard your opinion. This thread is about what people have found to be true. If you think wire matters, but disagree with another poster’s preference or findings, politely say that your experience was different, and state what YOU found to be true. This thread has no right or wrong. That goes two ways. I’m gathering data on some upcoming modification projects, many of which involve upgrading the internal wire of some of my components and speakers.

What I am noticing is that there are a lot of very exotic offerings out there, but not very many reviews by users who have actually given these products a shot. In particular, I am interested in any feedback on what wire people have tried, and what their results were. There are lots of testimonies about Cardas and Vampire.

That’s fine, and I’m sure it’s very good wire.


Truth be told, except for my current long-term references I have turned a mostly blind eye to them. And then there are the doubters that dismiss the whole segment as nothing more than voodoo. And then, poof, as if by magic, I was assigned to review some power cords made by, you guessed it, VooDoo Cable. The California-based wire and accessories company supplied a threesome of its latest creations, the Infinity Power, Infinity Digital, and the Air Spectra power cords.

The Infinity Power is a high-current design for amp and power conditioners. It sports eight-gauge AWG high-purity silver-plated copper conductors, individually insulated in a Teflon dielectric.

Bulk Internal Hook Up Wire; Bulk Internal Hook Up Wire. Can’t find what you are looking for on “Do It Yourself ” DIY Bulk Internal Hook Up Wire or have a question? Cardas Audio. Select Options. Ag25SC Bulk Single Conductor Hook Up Wire (Bulk) From. $ Kimber Kable. Select Options. 10kTCSS Bulk Single Conductor (Bulk) From.

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Cardas, USA, manufacture a superb range of wires and cables. Composed of high grade copper multistrand, with each strand coated to make superb litz cable.


PTA Product of the Year. Wilson Audio Alexia Series 2 speakers ($57, a pair) It’s not very often that a Series 2 wins our top honours – usually it’s a fresh, ground-up assault on the this year’s Product of the Year actually is a little of both.

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