Timeline Fridge Brilliance Osana Najimi is a Tsundere Patient Childhood Love Interest , and according to a post on 4chan, the other rivals will be harem archetypes as well a Cool Big Sis type, a substitute teacher , the School Nurse , his little sister , etc. The fridge brilliance comes in when you realize Yan-chan is also a harem archetype; aside from the obvious , she’s his kohai! Why is Midori Gurin part of the Gaming Club? Because she is used as an Audience Surrogate in the developer videos. Why does Midori Gurin’s profile info talk about how she regularly asks stupid questions? Because she did that in the videos from YandereDev.

Destiny 2: How my favorite game has become an exercise in disappointment and slow torture

Click to the image for the bigger image. All of the monthly events are removed from the calendar because they will be up all the time. The Idle Heroes events this week are: Campaign Drop Shop Event:

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The Masterwork catalyst can now be obtained by the most determined competitors in the Crucible. Crucible Labs will become available at a later date. Stay tuned to Bungie on Twitter for announcements. The Crucible Labs playlist will be active periodically for feedback. General Fixed an issue where players would lose Rank Points for leaving a match too soon after the match ends. Heroic strikes will now award Escalation Protocol Key Fragments. Updated the Guided Game tooltip to correctly reflect the required Power level to launch.

Robes of Sekris Warlock raid chest armor will now display hanging cloth correctly.

How to work around the Warmind Heroic Strikes bug in Destiny 2

By Derek Nichols 2 years ago report this ad Destiny: In the world of Destiny , Tuesday marks the start of a brand new week of content for players, as playlists are reset and refreshed with new things to do and items to acquire. Weekly Nightfall First up is the Nightfall strike and this week it is centered on the Undying Mind strike pitting guardians against the Vex army in the Black Garden. To make things a bit more challenging, this week does not feature a specific burn advantage to help make things quicker and instead features the following modifiers:

Perhaps he finally came out worse for wear after a run-in with the guy who’s now The he was caught and sent into exile and now has at least enough fear of the authorities to not put a .

Trent Reinsmith July 19, 1: The card features featherweight and heavyweight competitors looking to add to their regular-season point totals in the hopes of landing a prime seed when the playoff portion of the year begins in October. The PFL 4 matchups are the second — and final — regular-season fight for the participants. In the main event, former WSOF champ Lance Palmer looks to add to the five points he scored in his first regular-season matchup.

Palmer faces Jumabieke Tuerxun , who has a goose egg next to his name after a loss in his first bout of the PFL season. One of the most intriguing bouts on the card is the matchup between the top two point-getters at featherweight. Alexandre Almeida and Steven Siler both racked up six points in their first regular-season bouts. In the heavyweight division, three fighters scored first-round stoppages in their opening-round bouts. Two of those men, Francimar Barroso and Jack May , face off in a fight that could determine the top seed in the pound playoffs.

Here are five reasons to watch the event. Knowledge is power Former WSOF featherweight champion Palmer gets what has to be looked at as a favorable matchup in his second regular-season matchup. Palmer racked up five points for his second-round submission win over Bekbulat Magomedov in June. Palmer meets Tuerxun , who dropped a unanimous decision to Andre Harrison in his first regular-season contest.

Destiny 2 is amazing right now

Share Copy Destiny 2 is one of the most anticipated games to launch this year and gamers are eager to get their hands on it. Bungie intends to improve upon everything that fans liked in the first and also introduce new features. One of the new features for the upcoming game is the Guided Games system, which is a form of a matchmaking for Raids and strikes. While Guided Games System for Destiny 2 is a welcome feature, however, Bungie has revealed that it will be restricted to a certain level.

Port Manteaux churns out silly new words when you feed it an idea or two. Enter a word (or two) above and you’ll get back a bunch of portmanteaux created by jamming together words that are conceptually related to your inputs.. For example, enter “giraffe” and you’ll get .

Buy new weapons each round with money earned and win the round by eliminating the other team or completing the objective. Global Offensive is the first Counter-Strike game to include a built-in competitive mode to appeal to the professional and competitive player by being structured similarly to professional tournament play including swapping sides, friendly fire, and locked teams.

Contents [ show ] Overview Unlike casual mode, competitive mode always pits two teams of 5 against each other in a 30 round match. The roundtime is 1 minute 55 seconds and the bomb timer is 40 seconds. It is not possible to switch sides during the game except at the halftime. After the first 15 rounds, the game reaches halftime and the two teams will switch sides. The first team to score 16 points wins the game.

If both teams score a total of 15 points by the end of the 30th round, the match will end in a tie. Games can also end prematurely if one team surrenders to the other. A vote to surrender must be unanimously agreed upon, and the vote is locked until a team member abandons the match. Additionally, starting with the June 10, update, players were required to have a profile rank of at least Private Rank 3 to be eligible for competitive matchmaking.

On June 15, , the rank needed was changed to Private Rank 2.

Atari Flashback 6 Game List

Ford class are intended to sustain sorties per day for plus days, with a surge capability of sorties per day. Displacing about , tons when fully loaded, a Nimitz-class carrier can steam faster than 30 knots , cruise without resupply for 90 days, and launch aircraft to strike targets hundreds of miles away. Ford arrives at NS Norfolk following seven days of builders trials in April The Nimitz design has accommodated many new technologies over the decades, but it has limited ability to support the most recent technical advances.

As a Rand report said, “The biggest problems facing the Nimitz class are the limited electrical power generation capability and the upgrade-driven increase in ship weight and erosion of the center-of-gravity margin needed to maintain ship stability. Improvements were made through developing technologies and more efficient design.

Battle to rule the galaxy in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ – Knights of the Eternal Throne, a bold new digital expansion from the Outlander and command a team of hand-picked allies as you face one of the most dangerous families in Star Wars™.Mother against daughter.

The heart of God is so immense that even in the face of unfathomable pain he still has unbounded joy and peace because, despite his unfulfilled yearning for the love of individuals who break his heart, he is never self-obsessed. He keeps on loving and delights in the happiness of others. True love knows no bounds. It embraces everyone, including the unlovable and those who despise us.

It is not sexual. It does not seek its own comfort. Unbridled love brings pain, but it also brings joy of divine proportions. For more, see Called to be Single? Jesus, the authority on spiritual matters, regarded the Bible in a way that staggers even many Christians. For a glimpse at this, consider how in Matthew This is actually a key Scripture for a true understanding of sex, but for now note the original context of the verse Jesus cited. And yet in quoting this passage, Jesus said these were the very words of the Creator.


Harrison Ford as Han Solo: A smuggler and Captain of the Millennium Falcon. Carrie Fisher as Leia Organa:

Come learn about advance care planning and why it is important from a panel of experts. The panel will include a nurse, an attorney and a member of the clergy.

By Vince Ingenito [Editor’s Note: We’ve been posting our impressions of Destiny since September 3rd. Our scored review was posted on September 18, It attempts to weave threads from many popular genres together into one interconnected tapestry, but your experience will depend entirely upon which of those threads you tug on hardest. Exit Theatre Mode At the very least, it provides blistering firefights and brilliantly crafted worlds to have them in.

In fact, the exceptional caliber of its moment-to-moment gameplay is what partially excuses the fact that it never quite realizes its grand design. For as fun as it is, Destiny just doesn’t fully commit to all of its disparate parts, making it simultaneously many different things, and none of them at all. Bungie has a history of excellent world-building, and Destiny is a powerful expression of that excellence.

Destiny Update to Add Mandatory Matchmaking for Weekly Heroic Strikes

Weekly Heroics are also very difficult to complete solo, and not everyone may find it simple to enlist the help of two partners. The addition of matchmaking to Weekly Heroic Strikes will be a huge win for some Destiny players. Strikes are mini-adventures that take Destiny players through a gaggle of foot soldiers and mini-bosses.

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As is the way with Bungie’s lore, it begins with one Very Bad Thing threatening the fate of humanity, ands with the possible arrival of another. The good news, for those of you on PC still plugging away at the shared-world shooter despite its substantial teething problems, is that there’s plenty of secrets to uncover and gear to grind for once the story has been dispatched.

But you will find some of the coolest loot in the game so far, including the Sleeper Simulant linear fusion rifle and Worldline Zero sword Exotics. There’s more to come too, with Ana Bray’s Exotic scout rifle the Polaris Rifle still to be discovered , and strong rumours that the brutal Black Spindle sniper rifle is set to return. We’ll update this page as those arrive, but for now let’s begin your Lonely Planet guide to Mars Nonetheless, the process will be familiar to most Guardians by now.

Hear the words of Destiny wiseman Datto in the above video explaining the best gearing route; essentially, the approach is to farm tokens and engrams then complete a Weekly Milestone, and repeat until you’re out of Milestones. The cycle just moves at a noticeably slower pace. Here’s some more detail: Infuse or equip normal gear drops and turn in vendor tokens until reaching around Power level If you head off to Mars at roughly Power, you stand a good chance of reaching close to through story missions alone.

Once you hit Power, start completing your Milestones. However, if you are running multiple characters, you should do all the levelling on your main first, then transfer your high level weapons over to the next toon for a substantial power bump.