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I have seen four A stamps on Natural finished bodies, and a trans-red with an A stamp. I’ve seen a C on a Monaco Yellow and a Sunburst. I have also seen a D, along with an A on a Sunburst body. This is just a theory, but if only A’s were put on Natural finished guitars as an example, it could help determine if a guitar is refinished. The number will have an ‘S’ prefix possibly an ‘E’, read below followed by a six digit number. The first digit is supposed to reflect the year of manufacture, but there are major overlaps in this regard, and the serial number should not be used to ID a guitar’s exact year of manufacture.

Top things to see in Seville, including must-see and off-beat Seville attractions with details on opening times, Dating from the 17th century, the historic arena spots a Baroque exterior and an impressive acoustic system within. Daily – (Nov–Mar); daily – (Apr–Oct).

Baylson issued a ruling today in connection with a case challenging certain recent changes to the provisions of 18 U. By way of background, Section sets forth the requirements for age verification, record keeping and public reporting of information relating to persons appearing in sexually explicit depictions such as photographs, films, videos and other graphic media.

The status of Section is of the utmost importance to the adult industry, as well as the online dating industry where explicit images and other depictions are sometimes permitted. Decision Time In particular, Judge Baylson ruled that unannounced, warrantless inspections of private homes for Section compliance purposes were unconstitutional. While many issues remain to be decided, the plaintiffs are prepared to appeal any negative rulings. The progress of this case will be worth keeping an eye on for those that work in the adult industry, the online dating industry and those interested in free speech law in general.


An arrest for the commission of a misdemeanor or the violation of a municipal or county ordinance shall be made immediately or in fresh pursuit. Such an arrest may be made immediately or in fresh pursuit. Any law enforcement officer, upon receiving information relayed to him or her from a fellow officer stationed on the ground or in the air that a driver of a vehicle has violated chapter , may arrest the driver for violation of those laws when reasonable and proper identification of the vehicle and the violation has been communicated to the arresting officer.

The decision to arrest shall not require consent of the victim or consideration of the relationship of the parties. It is the public policy of this state to strongly discourage arrest and charges of both parties for domestic violence or dating violence on each other and to encourage training of law enforcement and prosecutors in these areas. A law enforcement officer who acts in good faith and exercises due care in making an arrest under this subsection, under s.

It is the public policy of this state to strongly discourage arrest and charges of both parties for domestic violence or dating violence on each other and to encourage training .

I promise the tables will still be there after you finish reading. We also received a report of a tweed 5G12 Concert. The 5G12 Concert is the earliest version from very late and early so the existence of a tweed example, while extremely rare, is certainly plausible since Fender was making lots of tweed amps during the same time period. Working at FMI — I was able to interview a fellow who wishes to remain anonymous who worked at Fender in in the amp department.

Although his job was somewhat limited, his recollections provided some really fascinating insights to how the amps were built. For instance, he confirmed our assumption that the amp chassis were put into stock after being stamped with serial numbers and that the chassis were pulled from the stock bins randomly just as with Fender guitar neck plates. The boss came around and said what we’d be building. The chassis weren’t used chronologically.

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De prijzen van BandenShop. Je bestelt eenvoudig banden door gebruik te maken van de banden configurator op BandenShop. De configurator vraagt een aantal gegevens zoals de hoogte en breedte van de band. Wanneer je de gegevens juist hebt ingevuld, krijg je een overzicht met alle leverbare banden. De banden die getoond worden zijn op voorraad en kunnen direct geleverd worden. Bovendien zijn de banden in het overzicht geselecteerd aan de hand van de ingevuld gegevens.

Complete text of Texas Penal Code, Section – Assault.

He or she may require sureties of the peace when the peace has been substantially threatened or disturbed. A warrant shall be executed only by the sheriff of the county in which the arrest is made unless the arrest is made in fresh pursuit, in which event it may be executed by any sheriff who is advised of the existence of the warrant. An arrest may be made on any day and at any time of the day or night. The official shall admit the person arrested to bail for his or her appearance before the trial court judge who issued the warrant.

The official shall admit the person to bail for his or her appearance before the trial court judge designated in the warrant. When a person fails to appear as commanded by a summons, the trial court judge shall issue a warrant. If the trial court judge acquires reason to believe that the person summoned will not appear as commanded after issuing a summons, the trial court judge may issue a warrant.

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Shooting Bays “H” through “L” Contact: As always, bring more just in case you miss. It’s going to be hot so be sure to drink lots of water before, during and after the match. Regular signup begins at 9am and the fun starts no later than 10am.

National Nuclear Chemistry Summer School Sponsored by the American Chemical Society & the Dept of Energy.

If you find these resources helpful, please spread the word. If you are a business owner, agency or employer and would like to be included in the resource guide please email ncrushshon gmail. Agency information and resources may change without our knowledge, please keep this in mind. We will attempt to keep this resource list current. We need your help if you have resources to add or remove from our list. Special thanks to all who have contributed to make this project a success — Kwabena Ernest Johnson for setting up our online page on wordpress.

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Note 37 CFR 1. However, matter canceled from the application file wrapper of a U. This is always true in the case of a reissue application and reexamination proceeding. Older files are housed in remote warehouses located in Maryland and Virginia. The examiner is informed that the request:

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And its fascinating interior, ranging from the snow-capped crags of the Pyrenees to the olive trees and orange groves of Andalusia, continues to lure visitors in increasing numbers. Spanish art and architecture are a world away from the measured restraint of northern Europe. Although the country encompasses a fascinating range of cultures, customs, and traditions, Spaniards nevertheless share a passion and enjoyment for life that will infect the traveler.

How to Pay Major U. Payment in dollars or traveler’s checks is sometimes possible, but usually at a poor exchange rate. It’s better to carry euros. Currency Exchange Money should be exchanged at banks. Hotels, restaurants and shops give less favorable rates. Banks are open to Monday to Friday and to Saturday. Bureaux de change are usually open longer.

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This vote follows the nearly four month-long battle to stem a leak that has emitted large amounts of methane in the Porter Ranch community and resulted in thousands of residents evacuating the region. The Assembly will now vote on the legislation, which many consider inadequate to address the scope of the natural disaster caused by the Aliso Canyon Storage Facility leak. Residents of the community have called for a permanent closure of the gas storage facility to prevent future leaks from these wells.

Under the legislation, Southern California Gas Co. The well that is currently leaking is one of the oldest at the facility, dating back to The utilities commission has simultaneously instructed all underground gas storage facilities throughout the state to perform inspections to detect possible leaks in wells and pipelines.

A comprehensive treasury of American genealogical sources with coverage dating back to the s. Census Online. The Web’s largest directory of links to online census transcriptions. 1st Ave East Dyersville, IA [email protected] Website Feedback. Ask a Librarian.

Search 21 Best Romantic Weekend Getaways from Atlanta, GA There are many incredible beaches, romantic getaways, day trips, amusement parks, wedding venues, water parks, waterfalls and Georgia vacations just a few hours from Atlanta, GA. Escape to the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia in the spring or fall for a weekend filled with fresh mountain air and spectacular views. If you are looking for last minute weekend getaways from Atlanta, relax on the sandy beaches of Tybee Island or get away to Augusta or Savannah.

Guest room decor at The Chateau Elan Inn is inspired by French country estates with embroidered linens, dark walnut woods, an oversized tub, and access to the pool. The winery features special events, cooking classes, cooking demonstrations, and a wine market. The spa includes 14 overnight guest suites which have been recently renovated as well as its own kitchen for complete pampering and relaxation.

Couples can play golf on 63 scenic holes and take lessons at the Golf Club. If you are looking for unique Georgia vacations, this is a great place to visit. Luxury touches include nightly wine and hors d’oeuvres except Sunday , fresh-baked dessert available throughout the day and complimentary wireless Internet. Forsyth Park, Savannah shops and restaurants are just steps from the inn.

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Today, Castel Nuovo plays host to weddings, concerts, cultural events and temporary art exhibits. It is also home to city offices and the Museo Civico, the Municipal Museum at Castel Nuovo, a collection of works including sculptures, paintings and frescoes dating from the 14th to the 19th centuries. And, the castle sports some fantastic views of the bay and makes for a great photo op from the sea.

Arrhidaeus’ whereabouts during the reign of his brother Alexander are unclear from the extant sources; what is certain is that no civil or military command was given to him in those thirteen years — BC. A succession crisis ensued. Arrhidaeus was the most obvious candidate, but he was mentally unfit to rule. A conflict then arose between Perdiccas , leader of the cavalry , and Meleager , who commanded the phalanx: Meleager was killed, and a compromise was engineered: Arrhidaeus would become king, with the name of Philip, and he would be joined by Roxana’s yet-unborn child as co-sovereign should that child prove a male.

This eventuality did indeed arise and resulted in Roxana’s son, Alexander , becoming with his uncle Phillip III co-sovereign on the throne of Macedon. It was immediately decided that Philip Arrhidaeus would reign, but not rule: When news arrived in Macedonia that Arrhidaeus had been chosen as king, Cynane , a daughter of Philip II, developed a plan to travel to Asia and offer the new king her daughter Eurydice for wife.

This move was an obvious affront to the regent, whom Cynane had completely bypassed, and to prevent the marriage, Perdiccas sent his brother, Alcetas , to kill Cynane. The reaction among the troops generated by this murder was such that the regent had to give up his opposition to the proposed match and accept the marriage. From that moment on, Philip Arrhidaeus was to be under the sway of his bride, a proud and determined woman bent on substantiating her husband’s power.

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Even in emergencies you may have to show proof of health insurance before treatment, so be sure to bring identification and your health card. Call or to find the nearest out-of-hours emergency doctors, dentists, vets and pharmacies in Switzerland. Each canton also has an emergency pharmacy, with contact information here. You can also find your local first aid centre here by entering your postcode at the bottom of the page.

Online diaster alert service: Alertswiss provides information on floods, nuclear accidents and earthquakes in French, German and Italian.

The Vest-Lindsey House, located in Frankfort’s historic Corner of Celebrities neighborhood, is clearly one of Frankfort’s oldest homes, possibly dating from to Owners of the property made important changes to the house over the years. () Contact;.

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