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Evidence-based practice in Exercise and Nutrition: That been said, there remains a lot of misunderstanding and misconceptions about an evidence-based Practice EBP. In this article, we will address some of the common misconceptions and criticisms of EBP. Why do we need EBP? You can read more about it here: This principle can be applied across many scientific disciplines, including exercise and nutrition, to optimize results.

What is the evidence? In fact, evidence can be obtained from a well conducted randomized controlled trial, an unsystematic clinical observation, or even expert opinion. For example, the evidence could come from a controlled trial, your favorite fitness guru, or a physiological mechanism. However, the critical point is that the importance or trust we place on the evidence differs based on the type of evidence.

We will talk more about this as we talk about the evidence hierarchy. What about values and preferences? For example, some might place a high value on muscle growth, whereas others would value their general health as most important. Some would value building their upper body muscles more than their lower body muscles.

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My husband, Gary, has been doing CrossFit for…oh…a few years now. My husband is 55 and a hoss. I, on the other hand, just turned 50 and have had chronic health issues and am seriously overweight. So once Gary got into CrossFit, he kept harping on about how great it was and anyone could do it. Then Gary got certified, and has been using family members as guinea pigs to hone his coaching abilities.

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You can change your body fat, your muscle mass, your shape…all by altering a few things about your lifestyle. For some, bodies change minimally throughout their life. A handful of people have asked for before and after photos. But for me, I have beforeandafter beforeandafter beforeandafter photos that range all throughout my life.

This photo above spans over 7 years, starting in on the left, , then 3 weeks ago in on the right. The photo on the left is definitely at my unhealthiest. So at this point I was spending HOURS in the gym on the stairmaster, running for hours on the treadmill and doing some light lifting but feeling very intimidated by the men in the weight room. I started off hardly able to run a mile and slowly increased my distance every day, ran through the winter months, until I was ready for a half marathon.

And ended up finishing in under 2 hours, which I was super happy about. Push ups on my knees, pull ups and dips on the assisted machine, kettlebell swings with a dumbbell.

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To read it from the beginning click here. Click “Archives” to take a look back in time and to see what I was doing way back when. For my latest blogs I’ve now moved to www. Hot and sunny, shame about the sea not being calm though I am now in Koh Tao.

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However, to keep you from spending hours perusing fitness websites and sports stores, we’ve narrowed down the vast selection to these top 20 fitness gifts for Christmas. Rudy Project Rydon Performance Sunglasses A must-have fitness accessory for Jennifer Lopez at the Nautica Malibu Triathlon, Rudy Project Rydons set the standard in protective — but stylish and affordable — high performance eyewear.

Rydon’s come in a wide array of color options and interchangeable lenses with polarization, color and prescription options, are lightweight, anti-fog, anti-slip and provide maximum UV protection and optical clarity. Rydons — and the Rydon II model for smaller faces — are available at better cycling and outdoor sports stores, eye care specialists and for online orders at E-Rudy.

In addition, it provides the time with a second time zone option , date, alarm and stopwatch feature. Available in men’s and women’s versions, the Accelerator Pulse can be found at most major sporting goods stores or ordered online at Tech4o.


Neal Maddox with his beloved dogs Neal Maddox made his first appearance at the CrossFit Games as a judge back in After a successful football career in College, Maddox started CrossFit four years ago and has never taken a backward step. In the following interview, Maddox talks about his training and diet regime, his expectations for the CrossFit season, and how this year could be his last as an individual competitor.

Neal many people know you as this larger than life CrossFit athlete. But one question I often get asked about you is what your sporting background was before CrossFit? In terms of my athletic background, football was my number one sport, but I also tried wrestling as well as lifting a lot of weights.

Closed Thursday, November 22 for Thanksgiving; One class at 11am on Friday, November 23; Annual Christmas Party will be on Saturday, December 15 at 11am.

Our sport is all-encompassing. Anyone who has ever stepped into a box — and has come back again the next day — instantly realizes it is a lifestyle. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved. Our world was rocked with new friendships, a new lifestyle and new bodies. It bought us even closer.

I went balls to the wall. Trail running, Crossfitting, paleo and some pretty epic stuff: Why the hell not! Muddy mountain trail run?

2017 Reebok CrossFit Games Highlights