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From UNESCO World Heritage Sites to bustling markets brimming with delicate silk items and exquisite hand-woven garments, Aurangabad promises all tourists an exciting holiday experience. History buffs will be excited to know that Aurangabad has quite a bit of history attached to it. The city used to be the capital of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, which is how it derived its current name of ‘Aurangabad’.

While the city is rapidly heading towards industrial growth and globalization, it still retains most of its past glory, heritage, charms and traditions. The most famous tourist attraction of Aurangabad is the Ajanta and Ellora Caves.

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Census of India [3] [16] census has put the city of Aurangabad in million plus metro club of India. The city municipal area had total population of 1, , while population including metropolitan area had a population 1, , The Marathi and Hyderabadi Muslim communities are the two largest ethnic groups in the city. Hinduism is the majority religion in Aurangabad city at Islam is the second most popular religion in the city with , people

Most tourists take a trip to Aurangabad for a chance to see two sets of UNESCO-listed caves, containing temples, relics, and shrines dating back to BCE. Aurangabad is in Aurangabad District. Customize your holiday with our India online trip maker to create an adventure that suits you.

Aurangabad, and the Ajanta and Ellora Caves Aurangabad, and the Ajanta and Ellora Caves Although they may never receive top billing on a brochure, an argument can certainly be made that the cave temples at Ajanta and Ellora, which rank among the wonders of the ancient world, make for as spectacular of a visit as one to Taj Mahal. The good thing about the reduced hype, of course, is that it translates to a less crowded and more intimate touring experience.

And the best part for visitors of Mumbai? The sites are only a tidy weekend trip away. A less-than-an-hour flight and a reasonably short drive can put you inside of a Buddhist cave filled with stunning paintings, or place you in front of a mighty temple carved from the hills, retelling the story of the Ramayana in intimate detail. Dating back more than 2, years, the cave temples of Ajanta and Ellora represent the most elaborate and spectacular cave architecture in the entire country.

Here, between the 2nd century BC and the 9th century AD, thousands of monks and artisan laborers carved cathedrals, monasteries, and entire cities of frescoed, sculptured halls into the solid rock. Working with simple chisels and hammers, and an ingenious system of reflecting mirrors to provide light into the dark interiors, they cut away hundreds of thousands of tons of rock to create the cave temples and other carvings. The work of these craftsmen inspires awe for the precision of their planning and knowledge of rock formations, their dedication to creating all this so far from the rest of India, and the delicacy and sheer quantity of the artwork.

The cave temples span three great religions—Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism. To best appreciate the caves, allow one full day for each site, and remember Ajanta is closed Monday, and Ellora is closed Tuesday. A weekend trip to Ajanta and Ellora, while making your base in Aurangabad, makes for a perfect trip from Mumbai. If you leave Mumbai on Friday morning, you can have dinner in Aurangabad—it’s best to estimate more time, rather than less, when it comes to travel in India—and then head out early the next morning for the Ajanta caves, about a two- to three-hour drive away, for the day.

Sunday morning you can head to the much closer about 30 minutes , and more crowded, Ellora Caves, then head back to Mumbai that evening.

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We have already discussed the arts of the Mauryan period in the previous article. This post also deals with some of the important architectural sites such as Sanchi, Ajanta, Ellora, etc. You not only will learn the important facts related to Indian culture, but will also start to love the subject! The period also marked the rise of the main Brahmanical sects such as the Vaishnavas and Shaivas. Places where important sculptures are seen Some of the finest sculptures of this period are found at Vidisha, Barhut M.

Barhut Barhut sculptures are tall like the images of Yaksha and Yakshini in the Mauryan period.

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They are sought to be one of the most beautiful caves in India. They are a marvellous piece of art in Indian history. Ajanta caves comprise of 30 rock-cut Buddhist cave monuments. The caves portray the Buddhist culture and stories expressed in the form of numerous sculpture and paintings. They also relate to the popular Jataka Tales. The basic design and layout of the caves are called Chaityagrihas and Viharas.

Ellora is one of the largest rock-cut monastery temple caves. It has the largest single monolithic rock-cut temple in the world, popularly knows as the Kailash temple.

Devotees take part in a procession on the occasion of Mahavir Jayanti in Aurangabad

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Kailasa Temple near Ajanta and Ellora Introduction The Kailasa or the Kailasanatha, is the unrivaled centerpiece of Ellora. This is designed to recall Mount Kailash, the abode of Lord Shiva – looks like a freestanding, multi-storeyed temple complex, but it was carved out of one single rock, and covers an area double the size of [ ].

Aurangabad’s historic dish Each city has a special signature dish that is exclusive to it and in the case of Aurangabad, the exclusive non-veg dish that only the city can call its own is Naan Khaliya. Nov 15, , Dating back to the era of Emperor Aurangzeb, this dish is a complete meal in itself and as legend suggests, was used to feed the royal army.

The dish that is one of the compulsory items of a wedding feast in the city is found only in select hotels on a regular basis now. We tell you where you can find this delectable non-veg dish from the bygone past and better still, how you can prepare this Mughal delicacy all by yourself. We give you the step-by-step procedure of this dish. Naan Take equal portions of wheat flour and maida. Add salt and baking soda for khameer and make a dough out of it.

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Lying along the right bank of the Kham River, the city is the district headquarters, which offers visitors all the modern comforts and amenities. There are several luxury and budget hotels, shopping centres and banks. In the city, there are three museums housing the art treasures of the region — the Sunheri Mahal Museum, the University Museum and the Chhatrapati Shivaji Museum. Daulatabad Rising dramatically over ft above the Deccan plain is the arresting sight of Daulatabad.

Once known as Devgiri, this fort served as the head quarters of the powerful Yadava rulers. One of the world’s best preserved forts of medieval times, surviving virtually unaltered, Daulatabad still displays many of the internal contrivances that made it invincible. A series of secret, quizzical subterranean passages lie amidst the fort. Its defense systems comprised fortifications of double and even triple rows of massive walls. A fortress conquered only by treachery! The tapering metre high tower of the Chand Minar is divided into four storeys, and was faced with glazed tiles and carved motifs.

Naan Khaliya: Aurangabad’s Famous Food

Generally referred to as a most cherished objective because of its region to the Ajanta and Ellora hollows, Aurangabad fills in as a significant voyager focus point that offers a wide bunch of framework organizations to visit likely the most key attractions around it. Moreover, as a city, Aurangabad doors with its lifestyle and lifestyle, offering watching voyagers a wide degree of inviting ness.

Starting late declared the ‘Tourism Capital of Maharashtra’, Aurangabad is an essential focus point in the state’s tourism part with its adjacent relationship with such significant vacationer objectives as caves of Ajanta and Ellora which have been announced ‘World Heritage Goals’ by UNESCO and moreover the outstanding Mughal milestone Bibi ka Maqbara.

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Wali Aurangabadi The culture of Aurangabad city is heavily influenced by Hyderabad. The old city still retains the cultural flavour and charms of Muslim culture of Hyderabad. Its influence is reflected in the language and cuisine of the locals. Although Marathi and Urdu are the principal languages of the city, they are spoken in Dakhni — Hyderabadi Urdu dialect. He was the first established poet to have composed in Urdu language.

Meat cooked in fresh spices and herbs is a speciality, as are the delectable sweets. The local cuisine is a blend of Mughlai and Hyderabadi cuisine, with an influence of the spices and herbs of the Marathwada region. It is a concoction of mutton and a variety of spices. Naan is the bread made in tandoor Hot furnace while Qalia is a mixture of mutton and various spices. Tahri or Tahari is similar to pulao — Biryani and is very popular in Aurangabad and Marathwada.

Tahri is prepared by adding the meat to the rice, as opposed to traditional Biryani where the rice is added to the meat. Aurangabad is home to the national bandy association. Himru is an age-old weaving craft, and was originally known as kum khuab.

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